Paul Thierry

My interests:

My interests:

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First of all, I am very happy to be part of this program in San Francisco. It's a real chance for me to open up a little more to the outside world and discover a new culture that is different from France.

I am looking for an internship for my 3rd year of business school with a duration of 5 months. I am interested in several domains like marketing, communication but also the organization of sports events. In the future, I would like to work in a company like Coca-Cola to be a partner and organize sports events like the football world cup. I would like to find a job where I can travel but also speak other languages like English. When I see all the big companies who reside in San Francisco it makes you want to work here. Salesforce is a company that attracts me a lot, for example. I came here to San Francisco first because it's a chance and an opportunity that I probably will not have in the future. In addition, I was very interested to discover a different and innovative program for me. Digital is a very interesting field and can bring me a lot in the search for a job but also in everyday life. I think doing this month in San Francisco is an asset to a Resume and it's something that I can put forward during a job interview. I also want to improve my English and I know that the courses in English will help me progress. Moreover, coding and startups are for me very interesting since I would like to build my own company in the future. I will also learn to work with others in my group. It also allowed me to discover for the first time the United States and to visit its historical monuments such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Alcatraz prison. It’s a so beautiful city and I would like lived here in the future. Why not!